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    • As a specialist sea freight forwarder based in Brisbane and Gold Coast, ICL can handle all your sea freight requirements. Our global network provides you with a complete worldwide sea freight logistics solution. We provide both import and export sea freight services on all carriers and all routes, to and from the Australasian region. Beyond Australia, we work with an extensive network of selected agents to provide you with a seamless and reliable service.

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    • As your Brisbane and Gold Coast based sea freight forwarder, our extensive range of sea freight services include:

      Pick up, packing and crating

      ICL can take the guesswork and manpower out of the equation for your business by providing a pick up, packing and crating solution that is custom-fit to your business. With over 15 years of experience as a sea freight forwarder our solutions continue to help businesses across South East Queensland streamline their sea freight needs.

      Door to door services

      As a leading independent sea freight forwarder ICL offers a reliable door to door service for your cargo. Our dedicated team will arrange the pickup of cargo and have it delivered to your destination’s doorstep. ICL will take care of all transportation, ocean freight, sea freight customs clearance and regulations to ensure a smooth and seamless final delivery.

    • Sea Freight Services

      Our professional sea freight logistics services are tailored to your individual needs. We offer FCL, LCL, Break Bulk and FAK shipping solutions.

      FCL – Full Container Load

      Full container loads are either 20’ or 40’ in length. A 20’ container can fit 33 cubic meters of cargo and can fit approximately 50-60 refrigerators. A 40’ container can hold 66 cubic meters or approximately 400 full-sized mattresses.

      LCL – Less than Container Load

      Low volume shipments of under 13 cubic meters are best shipped with an LCL shipment. LCL shipments also known as groupage and is sea freight forwarder service in which your cargo is shipped in a container alongside cargo from other shippers. Benefits include optimised costs, charges known in advance and safer shipping for low volume.

      Break Bulk Cargo

      Cargo that is too bulky or heavy to fit into a container can be shipped as ‘break bulk’. Items that can be shipped as break bulk include: construction equipment, manufacturing materials, oversized vehicles, boats, generators and large engines.

      FAK Shipping

      Freight-All-Kinds can be offered to businesses with multiple classes of freight allowing for the much easier rating of your cargo. FAK Shipping can reduce re-classification and billing errors that can accompany shipments with several freight classes.

      Port Handling and inland transportation

      ICL works closely with customs and port officials to ensure that your shipment spends the minimum time at port. Once your shipment leaves port our extensive network of inland transportation providers will then have your shipment loaded onto a truck or cargo train to reach its final destination.

      Worldwide services

      Our worldwide sea freight logistics solutions and extensive network connect the world’s sea ports to your business’ doorstep. Whether you are looking to expand your business network overseas or have a one-off shipment to a client; ICL can tailor make a solution for your business to virtually any country and port in the world.

      Perishable Cargo

      Perishable goods can be shipped through ICL’s sea freight services utilising refrigerated containers, ensuring your products arrive in peak condition.

      NVOCC services

      ICL a leading independent Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier providing sea freight logistics worldwide and can provide ocean shipping services as a ‘carrier’.

      Hazardous Cargo

      Shipments containing hazardous cargo such as flammable aerosols or radioactive substances have shipping regulations under the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDB) code. Meeting all the strict requirements can be challenging. ICL as a specialist sea freight forwarder is able to work with your business to ensure that all classifications, and packaging meet international standards to ensure the safe delivery of your hazardous cargo.

      Letter of Credit Consignments

      ICL can provide Letter of Credit consignments (L/C) and strives to deliver a consistently high-quality L/C service; Including timely Bill of Lading and document preparation in accordance with banking requirements. Choose ICL to ensure your L/C consignment is financially secure and shipped quickly.

      Short-term and Long-term storage

      Whether you are looking for a short- or long-term storage, ICL has a range of warehousing solutions available. Speak to us today to see how our storage solutions can work to improve the logistical needs of your business.

      Special Projects

      For any special projects that your business may have now or in future, please contact us so that we can tailor a solution for your business. No project is too big or too small for us to handle.

    • As your Brisbane and Gold Coast based sea freight forwarder, our extensive range of sea freight services include:

      • Pick up, packing and crating
      • FCL, LCL and FAK shipping
      • Door to door services
      • Port Handling and inland transportation
      • Special Projects
      • Worldwide services
      • Perishable and general freight
      • NVOCC services. Hazardous Cargo
      • Letter of Credit Consignments
      • Short-term and Long-term storage

      Sea cargo can be shipped as FCL (full container loads of either 20’ or 40’ in length); as LCL (less than container load) consolidated with other freight for cost effectiveness; or as break bulk cargo for awkward or irregular sized cargo.

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    • Choose ICL as the sea freight forwarder of choice for your business. Our team of dedicated sea freight professionals are committed to exceeding your business’ expectations by providing an exceptional level of tailored sea freight services. Contact us today to see how ICL can become an asset to your business activity.

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