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    • ICL is an experienced Brisbane & Gold Coast based international air freight forwarder.

      We provide export and import services on all carriers and all routes, to and from the Australasian region.

      Beyond Australia we work with an extensive network of selected agents to provide you with a seamless and reliable service. We provide an extensive range of air freight forwarder services including direct and consolidated shipments on all major trade lane routes. At ICL we can meet all your global transportation needs around the world. Contact us today for an obligation free quote on all your air cargo needs.

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    • Our Air Freight Forwarder Services Include:


      Consolidated Air Shipments

      Often the least expensive method of shipping for your business as your cargo can be consolidated with other shipments. A consolidated air shipment is perfect if your cargo is not time-sensitive and are looking for the cheapest price per kilogram. As a leading independent air freight companies in the Brisbane and Gold Coast region ICL provides consolidated air shipments to your destination of choice.

      Direct Air Shipments

      Leveraging our worldwide network of selected agents, ICL can provide a direct air shipment solution from your doorstep directly to your customer. Customs and local transportation at destination can be handled on your behalf to ensure a seamless service.

      Next-Flight shipments

      Whether your customers need an emergency part in a difficult to ship location, or you’re shipping samples to a potential new client and time is of the essence, we will work with our extensive network of selected agents to get it there when it’s needed most.


      Businesses in need of a more flexible air cargo solution, can have cargo shipped via a charter. Working within your business’ schedule, charter services are flexible, can avoid delays and have conveniences that regular air freight just doesn’t have.

      Oversize shipments and Break-Bulk

      As a leading Brisbane and Gold Coast based international air freight companies, ICL can provide an in-depth load analysis on oversized and break-bulk shipments. From jet engines to construction equipment, speak to us today about how we can meet your specialty cargo needs.

      Packing and crating

      Unsure of the best way to ship your cargo? At ICL we have been packing and crating since 2001 and can provide a packing and crating solution that is not only cost effective, but ensures that your cargo arrives just as it was intended.

      On-forward distribution

      For nearly two decades ICL has been the international air freight companies of choice for many of our clients on-forward distribution needs. Working with our customer service team, ICL provides an on-forward distribution service that integrates with your business’ operations so that your customers can have your products in their hands when they need them.

      Dangerous Goods handling

      Transporting dangerous goods can provide a unique set of challenges in the form of documentation and compliance. Our dedicated team of experts at ICL can provide expert advice to guide you through the process of dangerous goods shipping in order to get your cargo to its destination safely and on time.


      From full-risk air cargo insurance to partial coverage, ICL has a wide range of coverage to suit your cargo’s needs. Whether you are looking for insurance to cover damaged, destroyed or lost cargo, or for insurance that covers a wider range of loss including flooding, earthquake or delays resulting in consequential losses, our customer service team can help you determine which insurance policy is right for you.


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    • Why Choose us as your International Air Freight Forwarder of choice?

      Established in 2001 with the view of providing consistently high quality, reliable and professional freight customs brokerage services, we have consistently strived to deliver quality customer service whilst always remaining price competitive.

      Always acting with our customer’s best interests in mind, we offer you total personalized communication every step of the way.

      Whether you’re looking for air freight companies who can fly audio visual equipment from Hong Kong, medical equipment from the USA or Machinery from Europe — you can count on us to get your freight to you – on time.

      CONTACT US today to receive an obligation free estimate and speak to one of our dedicated air freight forwarder professionals about how ICL can work with your business to provide a seamless and tailored solution to all of your international air freight needs.


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