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    • As leading furniture importers Brisbane and Gold Coast wide, ICL provides a streamlined solution for businesses importing furniture to Australia. Flat-pack furniture from China, handcrafted boutique furniture from Bali, artisan designer furniture from Italy, our specialised sea and air freight forwarding solutions can be tailor-made to your exact needs. Working closely with our network of worldwide agents we are able to advise on load management solutions to ensure that your furniture imports can safely be delivered and packed from origin in the most efficient manner possible; Once loaded necessary quarantine treatment can be conducted before obtaining the best possible sea and air freight pricing on your shipment. Upon arrival, ICL will ensure that your furniture imports are cleared through customs and quarantine with minimal delay and cost. At ICL we import furniture the right way, every time.

      Choose ICL as your furniture logistics company of choice and see how ICL can streamline your furniture logistics and become an asset to your business today. Get in touch with one of our specialist furniture importers for your next furniture import.

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    • Furniture Importers Brisbane and Gold Coast Services

      As leading furniture importers in Australia, we offer comprehensive solutions for all furniture logistics needs. Whether you are in need of furniture components as a manufacturer, a distributor importing furniture to Australia for resale to suppliers, a procurement company, a supplier for a furniture store chain, or a boutique store looking for furniture importers Brisbane wide who know the intricacies of importing rare furniture into Australia; ICL will work closely with your business to ensure that your next furniture import complies with all relevant regulations and is as cost-efficient as possible to ensure the best returns on your import.

      ICL offers the following furniture import services:

      • Specialised sea freight forwarder and air freight forwarder solutions for flat-packed or bulky furniture shipments.
      • Customs broker and tariff advisory services.
      • Quarantine Compliance both offshore and on arrival into Australia including assistance in obtaining phytosanitary certificates.
      • Assistance with warehousing and delivery solutions.

      Customs, Duties, and Tariffs for Furniture Importers in Australia

      Understanding customs and tariff requirements as furniture importers Gold Coast or Brisbane is vital to the accurate costing of your products. Different furniture products will fall under different tariff classifications which incur varying amounts of duties payable. In some circumstances, a single piece of furniture may fall under more than one classification with varying duties payable.

      For nations that Australia has development and economic cooperation agreements, some furniture imports may be duty and tariff-free. At ICL our specialist furniture importers have an in-depth understanding of the different furniture classifications for importing furniture to Australia and are able to accurately assess your furniture imports to provide current tariff rates and possible duty exemptions so that you can accurately cost your furniture imports prior to placing orders with your suppliers. Speak with our team today for all your furniture customs and duties needs.

      Quarantine Requirements of Importing Furniture to Australia

      Australia has some of the strictest quarantine requirements and regulations in the world, designed to protect its natural resources, agricultural industries and wildlife ecosystem from biosecurity risks. As furniture importers Brisbane and Gold Coast it is imperative to understand these quarantine requirements prior to importing furniture into Australia. Depending on the origin country and the materials used in the manufacture of the furniture, AQIS will require fumigation of your containers by a licensed fumigation company. Some fumigation treatments are restricted to the country of origin and cannot be completed post-entry into Australia. ICL can work with our international network of agents to ensure that your import meets quarantine requirements prior to arrival to mitigate the risks of your container being held by AQIS.

      What Happens if my Furniture Import Fails to Comply?

      Failure to comply with Australia’s strict quarantine requirements when importing furniture to Australia can result in delays of your shipment, possibly incurring demurrage and storage charges of your container while it is being inspected and treated. Furthermore, if your furniture has not obtained a phytosanitary certificate prior to import, fumigation and treatment will be required at cost to you. In worst-case scenarios, the cargo will need to be destroyed or reexported if it fails to comply. To learn more about Australia’s strict furniture treatment requirements call us today to speak a specialist from our furniture importers Brisbane office.

      Why Choose ICL as your Furniture Logistics Company?

      Don’t let your next furniture import get held up in customs and quarantine. As leading furniture importers Gold Coast and Brisbane wide, we are specialised to handle furniture shipments of all sizes and work closely with AQIS and Customs to ensure all of your cargo can safely be brought into Australia in a timely and streamlined manner.

      • We have an international network of agents that allows us to provide treatment options for your furniture offshore if necessary and we can assist in obtaining phytosanitary certificates prior to import ensuring timely clearance upon arrival.
      • We provide comprehensive cargo management solutions whether you are looking for air or sea freight options and can arrange door to door furniture logistics from almost any country in the world.
      • We can aid in the costing of your furniture while taking into account relevant freight costs, duties, tariffs and taxes, to ensure that your goods return the highest margins of profitability.

      As leading freight forwarders Brisbane and Gold Coast wide, ICL continues to work closely with furniture importers in Australia to streamline their furniture logistics processes ensuring timely clearance and maximise the profitability on their imported furniture. Get in touch with a furniture import specialist at ICL today for the latest in customs and quarantine requirements and to ensure that your furniture shipments are compliant and can be safely imported into Australia.

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