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    • As a leading Brisbane and Gold Coast customs clearance broker, we have extensive experience in providing tailored customs compliance programs based on ever-changing government regulations and client requirements. Specialising in customs clearance and tariff consultancy, a tariff consultant will work closely with your business to ensure timely customs clearance and accurate cost-basing for your products. Our worldwide network of agents allow us to provide a worldwide service to our valued clients that is professional, fast and compliant.

      In addition to our customs clearance and tariff consultancy services, ICL can provide a complete and hassle-free door to door logistical service. We offer complete transportation, pack/unpack and storage solutions for cargo of all sizes. Whether you are looking to ship business samples to a convention in Europe, or frozen goods to Japan, speak to us today to find out how ICL can streamline your business’ customs clearance, air freight and sea freight needs.

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      We Can Help You With

      • Tariff concessions and project by-laws
      • Enhanced Project By-Law Scheme (EPBS)
      • Tariff concession order applications
      • Quarantine compliance
      • Quarantine clearance
      • Quarantine depot
      • Customs Entry and freight forwarding reviews
      • Customs compliance
      • Transport
      • Pack/Unpack
      • Storage
      • Also specializing in food clearances
    • Customs Clearance Brisbane & Gold Coast Services

      Customs Entry and Freight Forwarding Reviews

      As a leading customs clearance broker, ICL has been helping our Brisbane and Gold Coast clients with their customs clearance needs for the last twenty-years. We are proud to offer Brisbane and Gold Coast based businesses customs clearance for your all cargo needs. Our team of customs brokers continue to work closely with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Service (Customs) and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (Quarantine) to ensure the swift clearance of imports and a streamlined export process.

      Customs Compliance

      Our customs clearance Brisbane and customs clearance Gold Coast wide team continually monitor changes in customs regulations Australia wide. A specialist customs clearance broker can work with your business to ensure your import and exports meet all relevant Australian and overseas compliance obligations to ensure your cargo can be transported to its final destination seamlessly.

    • Tariff Consultancy

      Tariff Concessions and Project By-laws

      Tariff concessions and project by-laws are constantly changing, and in cases can even change year on year depending on the product. Keeping on top of tariffs both in Australia and at destination can be a time-consuming task. Monitoring tariff rates for your products can ensure that you are able to get the most accurate cost basis on your import and exports. An ICL tariff consultant will work with your business to ensure that all tariff concessions are relevant and up to-to-date to provide accurate cost basing and timely customs clearance. With our worldwide network of agents, ICL is also able to advise on tariff concession at destination countries as well as within Australia.

      Tariff Concession Order Applications

      Tariff Concession Orders (TCO’s) are a tariff consultancy service that deals with the importation of goods where there are no known equivalent Australian manufacturers. An ICL tariff consultant will work your business to ensure that all requirements designated by the Australian Border force are met in order to successfully claim a TCO.

      Free Trade Agreements

      At ICL our tariff consultancy team constantly monitor changes to FTA’s with Australia to ensure our clients remain competitive worldwide. Ensure your business is on a level playing field against its international competitors by ensuring that all imports and exports take advantage of world-wide Free Trade Agreements (FTA) that are relevant to your products.

    • Quarantine Clearance

      Quarantine Compliance

      Australia is home to some of the strictest quarantine compliance regulations in the developed world. Keeping abreast of the ever-changing regulations is no easy feat. Our specialist customs brokers work closely with the Department of Agriculture to ensure we keep up-to-date and relevant information. An ICL customs broker can ensure that your business remains compliant will all relevant laws both at home and abroad.

      Quarantine Clearance

      Timely and efficient quarantine clearance can be the difference between cargo received in peak condition or a product that has deteriorated. Offering clearance services that are professional, reliable and competitively priced, you can trust ICL to ensure that your quarantine clearance doesn’t cost your business time or money.

      Quarantine Depot

      ICL can act as an approved quarantine depot in compliance with the Department of Agriculture. Using our own facilities as well as that of our partners, we are able to move your shipment to our depot while it undergoes clearance reducing the risk of potential demurrage.

      Food clearances

      Ensuring the timely clearance of food and perishables is imperative to the peak condition of the product. ICL offers specialist customs clearance broker services to ensure your food cargo is cleared on-time and at its optimum quality. Speak with us today to find out how we can help you make your next food clearance trouble-free.

    • Freight and Logistic Broker Services


      ICL can offer a reliable and professional freight and logistics service that will have your cargo delivered on-time. Whether you are in a remote location or a central CBD location, you can place your trust in us to ensure your cargo is delivered via our extensive network of agents and trucking solutions.


      Whether you are preparing an export, or an import, ICL can take care of all your packing and unpacking needs. We can do as much or as little of the work as you require and offer professional packing and unpacking solutions for all shipment sizes. For businesses who are unable to take delivery of shipping containers, ICL can unload and then transfer cargo to a local trucking solution for delivery straight to your door.


      ICL is proud to offer comprehensive storage solutions for all your cargo needs. Should you be unable to take immediate delivery of cargo after successful customs clearance Brisbane and customs clearance Gold Coast we offer storage solutions that are competitively priced and tailor made to all your storage needs.

    • Our commitment to our customers has led ICL to be recognised as one of Queensland’s leading independent International Logistics Service providers. Get in touch with a specialist customs clearance broker today to see how we can become an asset to your business.

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    • Air Freight Forwarder

      ICL is an experienced Brisbane based Air Freight Forwarder. We provide export and import services on all carriers and all routes, to and from the Australasian region.

      Air Freight Forwarder
    • Sea Freight Forwarder

      ICL can handle all your sea freight requirements. Our global network provides you with a complete worldwide transport and distribution solution.

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