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      ICL International Customs & Logistics is a leading Brisbane and Gold Coast based freight forwarder. We are committed to exceeding client expectations by providing an exceptional level of tailored, professional customs clearance, tariff consultancy, and freight forwarding services. As a leading international customs & logistics company, our customer service staff want you to feel that they are an extension of your business, always acting with your best interests in mind. ICL is more than just a logistics company, think of us as an asset to your business activity. We offer you total personalised communication every step of the way, making the needs of your business, our primary concern.

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      International Customs & Logistics Freight Forwarding Services



    • Air Freight Forwarder

      ICL International is an experienced Brisbane based air freight forwarder. We provide export and import services on all carriers and all routes, to and from the Australasian region. We offer a seamless and reliable range of tailored air freight forwarding services for our valued clients across the South East. With a strong focus on providing personalised customer service to all of our clients, we deliver quality air freight solutions that you can count on at the best possible price. Whether you are looking for consolidated air shipments, next-flight shipments, charters, specialised air freight insurance and more; Our commitment to service is what separates us from other international freight companies. Ensure your cargo is where it needs to be yesterday with ICL. Get in touch with a dedicated air freight forwarder at ICL today for an obligation free quote.

    • Sea Freight Forwarder

      As your international freight forwarder, ICL can handle all of your sea freight forwarding needs. Our global network provides you with a complete worldwide transport and distribution solution no matter the size of your business. Offering both import and export across all carriers on all routes, to and from the Australasian region, ICL offers a range of sea freight services including, FCL, LCL, breakbulk, hazardous cargo, and more. Our extensive network of international agents extends our services worldwide to ensure a seamless and reliable service no matter your destination. When you need your cargo shipped domestically or globally, you can count on ICL to ensure your cargo reaches its destination in peak condition and on-time. Speak with a dedicated sea freight forwarder at ICL today for an obligation free quote on all of your sea freight needs.

    • Customs Clearance Broker & Tariff Consultancy

      The customs and tariff landscape in Australia is constantly changing with new or updated international agreements with Australia’s trading partners continuing to evolve. With further automation and computerisation of the industry, the speed at which imported goods can be cleared through customs has improved. This data entry process, however, should not be confused with the skills and knowledge required to classify commodities the right way.

      At ICL, tariff reviews are a regular occurrence. As government regulations and our customers businesses change, we make a point of knowing about it to ensure we can capitalise on any tariff concessions that may reduce their taxes payable. Through our agents worldwide, ICL is able to extend our quality services to all of our valued clients in need of professional, fast and compliant customs clearance & tariff consultancy for imports or exports across the globe. As your customs and logistics company, we ensure a streamlined and hassle-free clearance process so that your freight is cleared and arrives at destination when you need it at the lowest price every time. Get in touch with us today for all your customs clearance & tariff consultancy needs.

    • Industry-Specific Freight Forwarding Services

    • Food Logistics

      At ICL we provide leading food logistics forwarding solutions for dry, fresh, cold or frozen food products. Our tailored solutions ensure that your products get to their destination on-time and in optimal condition ensuring maximum shelf life. Our range of food logistics services includes import and export clearance, specialised tariff consultancy, tariff concession orders, export grants, food quota advisory services and much more. Whether you are looking for a small shipment to travel by air in one of our specialised cool equipment solutions, or by sea in a refrigerated container; You can rest assured that as your food logistics freight forwarder, ICL will not compromise when it comes to the safe and reliable forwarding of your food cargo.

    • Furniture Importers

      When it comes to importing flat-pack furniture from China, designer furniture from Italy, or rare antique pieces from across the globe, not all freight forwarding companies make the right partner for your business; At ICL we provide comprehensive freight forwarding solutions for all your furniture importation needs. Specialising in furniture freight forwarding, we maintain up-to-date industry-specific knowledge to ensure the swift and safe clearance and forwarding of your furniture imports to minimise the risk of delay, or worse the destruction or reexport of your furniture cargo.

      Don’t make the costly mistake of choosing a furniture logistics company that doesn’t understand the intricacies of furniture quarantine and customs requirements on your next furniture import. Speak to a furniture import specialist at ICL today and see how we can make the furniture import process hassle-free for you.

    • The ICL Advantage

      ICL International Customs & Logistics, is an Australian owned logistics company, established in 2001 with the vision to provide consistently high quality, reliable and professional customs brokerage and freight forwarding services across South East Queensland. As a wholly-owned Australian freight forwarder, we understand the ins and outs of the Australian logistics market ensuring your business receives the highest standards of service possible. Our team of professional customs brokers and freight forwarders are what sets ICL apart from the many other freight forwarding companies out there. We continually strive to deliver quality customer service whilst always remaining price competitive for all of our valued clients; This commitment has led ICL to be recognised as one of Queensland’s leading independent international freight companies.

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